Cost-Reduction Consulting

How we help you improve your payment processes: Interchange Pros™ can help your business offer a greater range of payment options to customers and streamline your accounts receivable processes through our Cost-Reduction Consulting services. Our Cost-Reduction Services are contingency based — we only charge a fee when we achieve a reduction in your fees.

Our experienced team of Cost-Reduction Consulting specialists is experienced with a wide range of industries and we can help you tailor a cost reduction program that will help you improve profitability around your B2B and B2G customer payment options.

We begin with an initial consultation to better understand your business payment needs and then we outline a strategy for cost optimization based on your unique business requirements.

Interchange Pros™ is your advocate: We review your credit card processing statements to find any incorrect rates, fees or coding errors. We negotiate to reduce your rates and eliminate fees. We can also monitor your monthly statements to watch for rate changes, unfair fees and anything that might affect your profitability. We develop a plan that you can follow in-house or that we manage for your business.