Reduce Credit Card Fees For Government Suppliers

If you are a business to government (B2G) company, you can be a part of our growing list of clients that we serve here at Interchange Pros. We provide cutting-edge, innovative solutions to reduce interchange fees that are costing businesses like yours a fortune in the long run. If you have a government contract in place, that is big business, but that also translates into big costs every time a transaction is made on a Government Purchasing Card or P-Card. The transaction fees can be large enough that they can significantly affect the amount of revenue and profit rendered to you by those government contracts.

As a revenue-driven corporation, you certainly want to maximize profits where possible, and the professionals at Interchange Pros can help you achieve your monetary goals. A company that landed a government contract of $25 million when paid by Purchasing Card can have interchange fees of 3.25% or more, meaning that $812,500 will be categorized as interchange fees and go to the bank that issued the credit card. 

If you have acquired multiple government contracts, the fees will compound into an even greater amount, and this is something your business does not want. Especially with how the government often issues payment.   They regularly utilize a Purchasing card, also known as P-Cards, which carry hefty interchange fees.  But with Interchange Pros, we lower those fees so you can maximize your net profit potential.

Suppliers of Products

Companies that supply products to government agencies include but are not limited to defense contractors, vehicle manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device and product suppliers and research companies, and at Interchange Pros we value their business. The federal government has thousands of active contracts with contractors and various companies, and the banks are collecting interchange fees on every transaction that is being made with the government’s purchasing credit cards.

We assist government suppliers and contractors by proposing cost-reducing strategies that will substantially decrease their interchange rates on transactions and increase their profitability. This is achieved by the use of our proprietary Interchange Pro system which is proven to reduce costs that are associated with credit card processing. Our system is robust, secure, and reliable and will easily cater to any size business.

Government Suppliers

Suppliers of Services

In our service-oriented economy, the federal government utilizes a wide variety of services provided by business to government (B2G) companies in areas including, but not limited to, scientific research, engineering, architecture, information technology, conservation, health care, and education. Hundreds of thousands of credit card transactions occur monthly in these sectors of the economy and we are committed to protecting them from unreasonable interchange fees. As a service provider to the federal government, you could be paying very high interchange fees and not know it. At Interchange Pros, we consult with you and identify areas in your credit card processing where you can generate more revenue with each business transaction you make.  

Maximizing Net Profit

One positive aspect of being a business that supplies products and services to the government is that business is ongoing all year-round and it is recession proof. The U.S. government makes purchases from essential suppliers when the economy is in good shape or when it is experiencing financial hardship but one important detail to not overlook is payment processes.  In this regard, companies need to know not only how much they are making but also what is being spent in areas where they could be saving. Address this issue by contacting us at Interchange Pros to identify problem areas in your transactional processes so you can focus on making great products and services while worrying less about interchange fees that cause you headaches.

Your Cost Reducing Solution

Our solutions are perfectly designed for government suppliers like you. We know that interchange fees have a substantial impact on the bottom line of your business and we are committed to bringing those costs down. We start by reviewing how your business collects or transfers payment, we also identify points of sale and appropriately consult with you on how our proprietary credit card processing system can automatically make every sale and transaction more profitable for you.

According to the National Merchants Association, businesses may underestimate how interchange fees will affect them. If you are a government supplier of a product or service, you don’t want to neglect these fees because they will accumulate into huge expenses at the end of the year on your financial statements. With Interchange Pros, you can take advantage of lower interchange fees by opting for one of our cost-reducing solutions such as our proprietary credit card processing system that can automatically enable you to start saving.