Helping Manufacturers Improve Credit Card Processing Rates

At Interchange Pros, we understand the burdening costs associated with interchange fees every time your business makes a financial transaction with a credit card. Over the past few years, more and more Manufacturers have begun accepting credit cards as a way of speeding up or eliminating collections, but that has come with the new costs associated with merchant services.  Our proprietary credit card processing platform enables manufacturers like you to save money with every transaction so your business can reap the benefits of lower interchange rates. Manufacturers are a vital part of the economy, both domestically and globally, and that is why our aim is to ensure your company is conducting business efficiently.

We can be your merchant service provider and in doing so, we will deliver a solution that will reduce your processing costs. Our services revolve around the concept of interchange optimization, a cost-reducing method that makes up a large portion of our business, and our aim is to ensure the interchange rates and fees that your business incurs after every credit card transaction is optimal for your type of business.  We make sure that you are avoiding downgrades and additional surcharges. 


Types of Manufacturers

Manufacturing costs are already as high as they can be.  With the rising cost of materials, labor, and overhead, why pay more for interchange fees? Our goal at Interchange Pros for your manufacturing business is to ensure that your transactions are meeting a cost-effective equilibrium.

As a vital piece of national production, manufacturers shouldn’t be burdened by interchange fees that eat into profit margins and enlarge the stream of monthly expenses. At Interchange Pros, we provide a whole suite of cost-reduction solutions designed to give manufacturers a little more upside in electronic payment transactions. We service the following types of manufacturers:

Business to Business (B2B)

We work with businesses that have other businesses as their end-client.  Most manufacturers are Business to Business enterprises.  Whether it is providing invoicing software or office furniture, for example, B2B businesses have a vital role in the manufacturing and delivery of products. Whichever product your business specializes in, at Interchange Pros our system has a method to optimize the credit card transaction in a way that dramatically reduces your interchange fees.   With our credit card processing platform, you will save a substantial amount on these fees every month, therefore making your manufacturing and business operations more profitable.

Business to Government (B2G)

Our service suite of cost reduction technology also caters to businesses that have government agencies as their end-client. Having a client like a government agency, whether it be at the federal, state, and local levels, is big business and at Interchange Pros we aim to provide B2Gs with our proprietary credit card processing platform so they can save money and increase profits while lowering interchange fees.

Why is your business essential?

In modern manufacturing, manufacturers are often associated with providing employment through mass production, technological advancements, mechanization of production, as well as improving overall efficiency and productivity. Interchange specialists are much the same way because we strive for solutions that improve cash flow, reduce credit card transaction complexity and optimize interchange rates so your business can focus more on manufacturing products for businesses and worry less about expensive transaction fees.

Save Money with Interchange Pros

At Interchange Pros, we conduct consultations with manufacturers so we can assist in streamlining and optimizing your payment processing practices to improve cash flow and increase profitability. B2B and B2G organizations choose us because our service suite of solutions provides overall cost reduction in credit card processing through interchange optimization.

The Benefit of Interchange Optimization

If you are a B2B or B2G manufacturer, your business can benefit from interchange optimization. By working with us, you will benefit from our proprietary credit card processing platform which can reduce your monthly processing costs exponentially and result in thousands of dollars in savings each year for your business operation. 

According to MasterCard, interchange rates can be a serious issue for businesses and often involves finding a perfect balance. That is why Interchange Pros have identified and implemented a proprietary solution to not only provide manufacturers with a fair interchange rate for every credit card transaction but with a rate that also facilitates revenue generation free of many other burdensome transaction fees. 

Every time a transaction is made using a credit card, fees attached to that transaction go back to the card issuing bank. This is one way banks make money while some businesses are unfortunately on the losing end of the stick. That is why interchange optimization is so crucial and can act as an effective cost-reduction tool that can enable manufacturers to acquire substantial savings each month.